We loved Tammie’s stunning take on our November 2015 Hellebore clutch pattern (which is celebrating its first anniversary this month!) so much that we were just itching to ask her all about it. So we sent her a few questions!

Did you make any modifications to the pattern? Would you if you made it again? Do you often make modifications to patterns?

I changed the type of flower and added two pin backs to it so that it could be changed for variety, the placement and amount of beads, including beading the back side, and added a divider to the inside lining. I wouldn’t change anything about the knitting pattern unless I decide to make a larger bag, and am very happy with the final result. I almost always make modifications when I make something, whether to make it my own or because of personal preferences.

Who is this for? Or, if it’s you, how/when are you planning on using it?

The clutch is for me and it will accompany me to a party in Atlanta in a couple of weeks where my husband will be attending a business convention.

What do you like most about knitting/crocheting? What do you find the most rewarding about it?

Knitting and crocheting are one of the ways I relax. It’s very calming to concentrate on a new pattern or get lost in the repetitive motions. Sitting still and doing nothing is stressful. The most rewarding part of knitting and crocheting is being able to start with the blank canvas of string and make it into whatever you imagine.

What is the single best piece of knitting advice you’ve received?

This is definitely the hardest question. For the most part I taught myself because I can be an unpleasant student when I am frustrated. I am always learning something new, which is one of the great things about it. The most helpful advice may have been about using formulas; use a formula to determine your gauge using any yarn and needle size and then plug that into a formula to adjust a pattern to size.

Written by Erin Tutte