IMG_2714_medium2Jill made this beautiful pair of Pebble Creek fingerless mitts from our October 2015 box! When she shared it on our Ravelry group, we just had to ask her a few questions.


Did you make any modifications to the pattern?

I found lovely handpainted wooden buttons that I used instead of the ones that came in the box.

Would you if you made it again?

If I made it again, I would make sure I had more than enough yarn to not have to worry [about yardage] and I’d probably make the mitts at least one pattern repeat longer.

Do you often make modifications to patterns? 

No, not really.

Who is this for?

Probably for me, unless someone I know sees them and wants them.  Most of my knitting is given away.

What do you like most about knitting? 

Most of my knitting is done on my 90 minute train ride home each night.  If I wasn’t knitting, I’d read, or probably fall asleep (which is what I do in the mornings!).  I love to create something and I enjoy the process of knitting.

What do you find the most rewarding about it? 

I love that someone else has done all the hard work already, and all I have to do is follow a pattern to create something amazing.

What is the single best piece of knitting advice you’ve received?

Although I was taught to knit by a grandmother many years ago (I can’t even remember which one taught me, as they and my Mum all knit when I was younger), since then I’ve been mostly self taught.  I learned most of what I know before there was an Internet or Ravelry so I just had to work it out for myself in those days!


Written by Erin Tutte