Ashley made this beautiful Mist of Glitz cowl from our April 2016 box! We asked her a few questions.

Did you make any modifications to the pattern? Would you if you made it again? Do you often make
modifications to patterns?

I try to stick to an original pattern as much as I can. A lot of hard work and time is invested in creating a pattern. That being said there was one tiny little thing about this pattern that did not feel right to me, so I did modify it, and am very happy with my modification. The slip stitch lace before was stacked one slip stitch lace piece on top of another, much like the rungs of a ladder. It felt more organic to have them off centered from the one before, similar to a piece of lattice.
If I do make a modification it is to make it more suited to my knitting style. I spent most of last night trying to figure out how to knit the sweater I am making in the round instead of knitting the front, knitting the back, and the seaming the two together. I discovered it will not harm the sweater in anyway, just it saves me from having to purl, I am so slow at purling, but will do it if I have to.

Who is this for? Or, if it’s you, how/when are you planning on using it?
I have not decided yet. It is the perfect colour for my mother, so maybe a mother’s day present? Or I might save it for her birthday.

What do you like most about knitting/crocheting? What do you find the most rewarding about it?
I like having my hands busy, at all times. Now sitting in a car for more than 20 minutes I am itching to do something, and feel extremely unproductive if I am not working on something. I keep saying to my friends, what did I do with all my time before I started knitting? We could not come up with an answer. My reward comes from knowing that I am productive while watching a movie, and not just sitting there with nothing to show for the time spent, and from the immense pleasure of seeing something finished.

What is the single best piece of knitting advice you’ve received?
Sadly my Gran (who taught me to knit) passed away before she could impart any sort of magical knitting knowledge to me, she was amazing, she could knit 2 sweaters in a week, without once glancing at her needles, and she knit all her jumpers flat, and then seamed them together. I can still hear the clinking of her needles today. But I would say just because you  identify as a beginner knitter does not mean you must confine yourself to small easy projects, dishcloths, scarves etc. if you hate what you are working on you start to dread working on it, if your end result is something you will treasure or get a lot of use or wear out of, give it a try. You might just surprise yourself, and realize that you were a better knitter than you ever thought possible. In summary, don’t be afraid of a challenge the new skills you will learn are making you a better knitter in the long run. April’s box has beads in it and I have never considered that before so by the time that is finished I will have a new skill in my repertoire.

Written by Erin Tutte